New Rules Issued for atmosphere Travel During COVID-19


Travel During COVID 19, the rules of air travel have changed and nothing has remained the same in this case. This has come to a big turn in the history of air travel around the world. All-new rules are followed if you book tickets under cheap business class ticket. airport can be hotspots for coronavirus infection. In such a time, if you have to travel by air, then you need to take special safety measures to avoid infection.


Let us Know What Conditions You Will Have to Follow for Air Travel.

Now you have to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled flight time.

Authorized taxis will have to be used to reach the airport.

Only digital mode will be used for payment at the airport.

A distance of 6 feet from any other person or passenger at the airport must be maintained.

Only a web check-in facility will be available. Airport check-in kiosks can also be used.

Before entering the airport terminal, make sure you have to wear a mask, shoe-cover. it’s mandatory.

Your temperature will be checked once again before boarding the aircraft. If the temperature exceeds the set standard, you will not be allowed to travel by air.

After sitting in your seat on the plane, you will be sanitized once again. Also, you have to at least converse with the crew members during the journey.

Passengers may also have to wear PPE kits depending on the need at some airports.

passenger will only be allowed to carry check-in baggage, cabin baggage will be completely forbidden in the first phase.

A passenger will be allowed to carry the same check-in baggage of 20 kg weight.

During check-in, you will need to pick up your own bag and keep it in the baggage belt.

During ticket booking, the airlines will provide a form to the passengers, in which they will have to provide their COVID-19 history. at a distance from this, if a passenger has been in quarantine during the last one month, then it will also have to be reported to the airlines.

Keeping these things in mind, business class flight deals  provides complete facilities for you. A new thing inside the flight is that you will not get any food items. Travellers will get only one water bottle. Passengers will be given masks, gloves and face shield before boarding the flight from the airlines.

 Apart from this, pilots and air hostesses will also have to wear PPE and face shield. Inside the flight, passengers will also not get a magazine and newspapers. Passengers have also been advised to minimize the use of flight washrooms. Apart from this, air hostesses cannot be called again and again.

Travel in flight is considered the safest among public transport mediums. Not only today, but it has been studied over many years, the results of which have been almost the same. This is the reason that even after battling with the coronavirus infection, air travel has started in the country. We all know that COVID-19 virus survives on surfaces. You should use sanitizers and wipes to clean the surfaces you are about to touch – such as a trolley, seat’s handstand and so on.